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A new escalator or autowalk replacement

Escalaltor replacement can help

A new escaltor can help if your escalator suffers from reliability problems, or if it no longer fulfills the people flow requirements of your building.

We offer two options for escalator replacement

We can install a new escalator and escalator truss, or we can replace everything except for the escalator truss.



We offer two full-replacement solutions for escalators, both of which will help you cut energy costs and improve safety, reliability, and style.

Full replacement

Full replacement involves renewing the entire escalator, including the truss. Full escalator replacement is an investment that pays off in reduced energy costs, as well as greater safety, reliability, and style. Explore our escalator and autowalk solutions, that are available both for new and existing buildings.

Full replacement without truss removal

KONE EcoMod™2 gives you all the benefits of a brand new, attractive, and energy-efficient escalator or autowalk without time-consuming and potentially disruptive truss removal. Only light construction work is required, and you can replace parallel escalators one at a time, reducing costs and minimising disruption. KONE EcoMod 2 is suitable for all brands of escalator. Read more and download the EcoMod 2 brochure (PDF)

Tools and downloads

KONE EcoMod™

A full escalator or moving walk modernization without removing the truss. Our EcoMod solution eliminates costly structural modifications while preserving existing building décor.

KONE Escalator InfoPack

Includes all the information you will need in order to plan an escalator or autowalk.

Escalator toolbox

Helps you create detailed specifications – as well as customised CAD drawings for preliminary planning – for KONE TravelMaster 110, 115 and KONE TransitMaster 120 solutions.

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Well-planned modernisation ensures your equipment continues to operate reliably, that it complies with the latest safety standards, and complements your building’s design. We can monitor the condition of your equipment and help you make informed decisions about what modernisation work needs to be done and the best time to do it.



Safety is the corner stone in everything we do. We constantly thrive for better safety of our escalators and autowalks through rigorous attention to our design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processes. Read more about the safety culture at KONE.


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