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Ready for the next step?

Explore KONE Digital Services and realise your building’s full potential. Upgrade existing systems with solutions designed for a more intelligent service that increases building life cycle value and revolutionises user experience. Using the power of AI and cutting edge analytics, we’ll help you make your building the best it can be.

Rethink the potential of your building

What does value mean to you? For us, it’s upgrading your building with the services and solutions it needs to function better, every day. Smart technology is transforming the way we live, making the movement of people more hygienic, more efficient and more inspiring than ever before.

Improve building performance and operations

Reduce day to day workload with services for more efficient building management and improved elevator uptime.

Create a smooth and unique user experience

Engage and inspire with value adding options for in ride entertainment and more efficient journeys.

Make better decisions with insights based on data

Explore data driven upgrades for improved long term asset management and optimised day to day user experience.

Upgrade to a more efficient everyday

Our data powered digital services reduce your workload, optimise people flow and increase elevator uptime and reliability. Utilise cutting edge analytics and get the most out of your equipment.


KONE Information

Reduce time on site by sharing important building information to users remotely.

For a more personal, safer space

Make your new normal a user highlight. Create calming ambience with customised elevator interiors, provide the option for touchless elevator calling and deliver in ride information on the go.


KONE Information

Share important building information quickly and easily while enhancing elevator experience.


KONE Elevator Call

Allow users to call an elevator from their smart phone using cloud technology with no need to touch elevator buttons.


Experience API's

Implement elevator call-giving solutions into the applications of your choice and enable robots to make elevator calls autonomously.

Data driven upgrades for a stress-free future

Make more informed decisions with data-powered digital services that help with planning long term asset management.


KONE 24/7 Planner

Make better decisions about asset management with the help of advanced analytics and real equipment usage data.


Operational API’s

Integrate KONE Equipment Status and Service info API’s into your building management system for upgraded maintenance insights.

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