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Maintenance and Modernisation Solutions for Existing Buildings


With KONE DX a building steps into tomorrow without losing its identity and connection to the people. KONE DX makes sure “the new era” is not about technology but the personal experiences it enables. Your building has a soul. We give it an update.

Partner with a sustainability leader

Partner with a sustainability leader

We help you achieve your eco-efficiency goals during every phase of your building’s life cycle, from design and construction to maintenance and modernisation. Our energy-efficient solutions and services for smart eco-cities, low-carbon communities, and net-zero sustainable buildings support the ongoing transition towards a more sustainable future for urban living.  

Experience KONE DX

Differentiate your offering, increase the value of the property, and deliver the best user experience with a smart elevator solution.

KONE maintenance services

We’ve got you covered

We’ve got you covered

Whatever make or model your elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors are, our world-class service will keep them running safely and reliably.

KONE modernisation services


Elevator modernisation

Looking to boost your elevator’s reliability and eco-efficiency, improve comfort and convenience, freshen up the look and feel, or bring it in line with modern safety and accessibility standards? We can help.


Escalator modernisation

Depending on what best suits your needs, we can replace the entire escalator or just individual components to keep everything running smoothly and reliably.


Building door modernisation

With our flexible modernisation solutions – ranging from modular packages to full replacement – you can ensure door safety and reliability while also improving energy efficiency.


Advanced people flow solutions

Integrate equipment and devices into one holistic smart-building solution for a seamless user experience from front door to final destination.

A dedicated partner supports you every step of way

Did you know that a well-maintained elevator or escalator can operate for decades? At KONE, we are committed and ready to serve you throughout the lifecycle of the elevator or escalator.



Our preventive maintenance services will keep your equipment running at its best. We serve more than one million elevators and escalators and doors, from both KONE and other manufacturers, globally. The starting point is an understanding of your maintenance requirements, so that we can provide the most suitable maintenance solution for you. We’ll can tailor your maintenance plan to uniquely match your site and equipment, whatever the brand or type.



As a KONE service customer, you can easily keep track of your equipment condition and its latest activities. We offer thorough equipment assessments and planning support, to help you eliminate surprises in performance and budgeting. When the time comes, a well planned modernisation ensures your equipment continues to operate reliably, and that it complies with the latest safety standards and complements your building’s design.



Even with most robust equipment, time takes its toll. You can enhance your equipment with our modernisation solution packages, and improve safety, reliability, accessibility and appearance, as well as cut energy costs. Alternatively, you can have a fresh start with our full replacement solutions and enjoy the benefits of a brand new elevator or escalator, in the shortest possible time.

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