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Product information


The KONE Turnstile 1000 is new benchmark in turnstile appearance, flexibility, and usability. This premium half-height sensor barrier features durable, high-quality steel and glass, access and destination control integration, stylish lighting options, and a range of visual guidance alternatives.

Features and options

  • Optimum space utilisation - Space-efficient design and takes up minimal spacea in the lobby
  • Flexible design - Lane width dimensions can be adjusted and offered with black and light silver colours
  • Ambient lighting - Clear guidance for visitors based on red, white or green lights depending on access rights
  • Panel operation - Smooth, quiet opening and closing as it is constructed from light yet durable materials with height option up to 1800mm
  • Elevator integration - Facilitates seamless people flow by allocating elevators as soon as a visitor passes through the turnstiles.


  • Offices
  • Transit centers
  • Hotels
  • Medical facilities

Tools and downloads

KONE turnstile 1000

The new KONE Turnstile 1000 features a versatile design, and is a dynamic turnstile gate with a broad range of functionalities and use cases. It includes modern access readers to ensure smooth, secure, and safe movement of people.


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