Elevator Assessment | Asset Management Planning - KONE Australia

Elevator Assessment | Asset Management Planning - KONE Australia

Elevator Assessment | Asset Management Planning - KONE Australia

What is KONE's Asset Management Planning?

KONE Asset Management Plans are the first step in keeping you building running smoothly, efficiently and safely. We carry out a thorough survey of your elevators to understand the current state and help you identify what modernisation options are available to you. We do a comprehensive condition report incorporating safety and compliance to relevant local standards. We review the elevator performance and reliability as well as the energy efficiency and appearance.

The Asset Management Plan will empower you to plan, prioritise and budget for the identified risks and upgrade options.

Take a proactive approach to managing the vertical transport in your building and let us provide you with the information and tools to plan for the future and manage your building stakeholders.

How can it improve my equipment?

If there are any areas for improvement found, our consultant will help you develop a capital expenditure plan with solutions ranging from component upgrades to modular modernisation or even full replacement.

KONE’s Asset Management Plans are the best tool to help you manage the life cycle of your elevators and escalators, no matter the brand.

What's included in your Asset Management Plan?

Each complimentary Asset Management Plan includes 5 key aspects.

Safety - We review and prioritise potential risks at your site.

Ease of Use - According to Accessibility standard EN81-70, we review requirements including accessibility, signalisation, alarm and usability.

Performance & Reliability - Critical components are review and improvement opportunities are identified considering age and usage.

Energy efficiency - We review and identify keys ares with savings potential including machine and drive, car lighting and signalisation.

Appearance - Visual review of equipment to identify specific areas for improvement with car, lighting and signalisation.

More information

Contact KONE today to discuss how a complimentary Asset Management Plan can help you keep your building running smoothly and safety.


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