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Upgrade & Modernise Elevators & Lifts - KONE Australia

Elevator renovation for digitally enabled people flow

In an increasingly digitalised world, elevator renovation allows you to keep up by adding connectivity to your elevator. With modular modernisation, you can make your elevator smarter and more desirable with new people flow solutions and value-adding services from KONE and our partners.

Modular modernisation is ideal if the overall condition of your elevator is still functional, but updating things like the elevator control system and the hoisting unit would significantly improve its performance. Upgrading an existing elevator by updating the elevator control system optimises people flow and operational efficiency, while elevator renovation makes sure your property is ready to take advantage of future smart-building technologies.


A connected elevator control system

Modular modernisation can update the elevator controller and the hoisting unit to give you a connected elevator that puts you and your users in control. Elevator renovation is a flexible way to add smart, value-adding services that optimise people flow, make everyday life easier for users, and ensure your building is geared up for the future. Modular modernisation offers an easy way to ensure that your elevator evolves with the changing needs of tenants.

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Modular modernisation

Upgrade the elevator control system with elevator renovation and enhance the user experience with real-time information on-the-go and other smart building applications. Modular modernisation is a great way to make everyday elevator use more convenient while improving accessibility and availability.

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Successful elevator renovation with KONE

As your experienced partner for elevator renovation and smarter buildings, we can offer you the flexiblity of modular modernisation and help you manage your property more efficiently with valuable insights into end-user behavior that can be used to continuously optimise people flow and improve the user experience.

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Partner with a sustainability leader

Partner with a sustainability leader

We help you achieve your eco-efficiency goals during every phase of your building’s life cycle, from design and construction to maintenance and modernisation. Our energy-efficient solutions and services for smart eco-cities, low-carbon communities, and net-zero sustainable buildings support the ongoing transition towards a more sustainable future for urban living.  

Significant improvements with modular elevator modernisation solutions



Modernising the controller and electrification system of an old elevator will improve its reliability, eco-efficiency, safety, and accessibility. Because our electrification solutions are quick to install, there will be minimal disruption for building residents.


KONE MonoSpace® DX and KONE MiniSpace™ DX Upgrade

Does your building have a KONE MonoSpace® or KONE MiniSpace™ elevator?

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