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Bring your design to life

Bring your design to life

KONE Car Designer makes customisation easier and more accessible than ever before

Create unforgettable elevator interior design experiences with ease

"KONE Car Designer uses 3D modelling to help you realise your vision quickly and creatively, saving time and resources. Available to use free of charge and without registration, KONE Car Designer is a value adding tool to aid your workflow. Get to grips with key benefits below today."


Explore Seamless Integration

KONE Car Designer allows you to match car design to building interiors for seamless integration. A huge range of materials in expressive colour schemes put you in full control


Experiment with Mood

KONE Car Designer lets you experiment with lighting options to create unique and memorable atmospheres


Share Online Instantly

Share your creations at the click of a button, and keep clients and colleagues updated with ease

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