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We know that providing exceptional care and service to your residents is the top priority for your team. The same expectations should be held for your home's equipment such as your lifts and automatic doors.

When travelling in, around and out of their aged care home, your residents rely on your lifts and automatic doors to make that journey just that little bit easier. Having safe, reliable and comfortable equipment provides not only peace of mind to your residents and their family, but also cost and time savings for the building and facility manager.

KONE understands the need to tailor your lifts and automatic doors to your unique needs – whether it is improving the visibility of the displays, building in additional safety features or consolidating your equipment into one provider, we’re there to help. Our job is to ensure you have the best equipment that matches the needs of your facility so you can focus on the care and wellbeing of your residents.




Screen size, lighting and colours are all taken into consideration to ensure the display areas are visible with the right amount of contrast, making it easier for passengers to see the on-screen information.

img_time to modernize_535x318


Sensors and timers built into the lifts mean they will automatically return to a designated floor after a certain amount of inactivity, ensuring passengers are taken to a central point even if they’re having difficulty using the lift. This provides peace of mind your residents and staff, knowing the lift will always be returned to a floor to avoid accidental entrapments.

img_kds50 and ksl280


We offer larger buttons to make it as easy as possible for your passengers to press, with distinct, high contrast colour options to ensure they stand out. You can mix and match your display and button options to match not only the aesthetics of your home but also to the needs of your residents.



Our integrated smart solutions cover everything from access and destination control to equipment monitoring for increased security, comfort and convenience. Our TouchGo solutions are designed to make it as easy and convenient as possible to move in and out of the building and all our solutions are integrated with your lifts and doors, meaning lower total costs and no need to coordinate with multiple suppliers.


One complete solution provider

Partnering with KONE means you have one supplier, one maintenance partner, one 24hr call centre for all your people flow needs. This means simplified accounts, combined servicing contracts and savings in time and costs by only having to deal with one provider.

Global resources

As a global company with operations and development around the world, we have access to local and global resources to guarantee the supply for your parts for the total life cycle. This means less down time for you and ensures your tenants continue to comfortably access your facilities with ease.

Large team of dedicated professionals

Our large service team of qualified experts ensures a reliable maintenance program with speedy response call out times and emergency attendance abilities. Our team aren’t just technical experts, they understand and care.

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