You've changed over the years, shouldn't your elevator?

You've changed over the years, shouldn't your elevator?

You've changed over the years, shouldn't your elevator?

Did you know the average lifespan of a lift is 20-25 years? Eventually, the vertical transportation equipment in your building will need to be replaced, but before you undertake a full elevator replacement did you know there’s other options available to refresh and update your building and get access to new digital services and solutions?

An elevator modernisation can be anything from small upgrades to total replacement - and everything in between - to boost the reliability, accessibility, comfort and sustainability of your lift.

A good indication that your lift needs a revamp is when breakdowns and stoppages are becoming a regular occurrence. Around 50% of breakdowns and maintenance call-outs can be attributed to damaged or aged lift doors, causing unnecessary elevator downtime and maintenance costs. A modernised elevator simply does the job better, meaning less waiting, fewer breakdowns and less frustration from its users.

It may surprise you to know that modernising an elevator can alone achieve energy savings of up to 70%. That's a huge reduction in the carbon footprint of your building, and a major cutback on energy costs.

The inside of a lift is the first impression of a building. A good looking lift makes for an impressive, pleasant journey to wherever a customer needs to go. Upgrading an existing elevator car with stylish, durable and easy to clean materials is a simple and cost effective way to give your building a face-‘lift’.

Modernisation of an elevator is an important tool to improve the accessibility of a building. A full lift replacement can help to increase lift speeds and ensure that your building is meeting accessibility codes while getting people to their destination faster. Upgrading your building to ensure it is welcoming to visually impaired or less mobile users can be achieved with improved elevator signalisation, call stations and car operating panels.

KONE Asset Management Plans

KONE Asset Management Plans put you in control of managing your building’s elevators and escalators. No matter what brand your equipment is, KONE can map out the lifecycle of your equipment and costs with complete transparency, helping you plan for the future of your building.

Planning the future of your lift and modernisation works may require capital investment and potential disruptions, so we provide a comprehensive survey of your lifts including a review of; safety, ease of use, performance and reliability, sustainability and appearance.

Our complimentary Asset Management Plans give you the information you need to plan for the future and ensure that your building is ready for the future.


As cities become taller and more dense, digital connectivity becomes a clear enabler to help manage people flow in faster, safer and more reliable ways. It’s clear that buildings require digital connectivity to meet the changing needs of users.

KONE DX offers connectivity to existing buildings - meaning you might not need to replace your elevators to take advantage of new digital solutions and services enabled by an API connected lift.

DX connectivity is available as an upgrade to all KONE elevators less than 8 years old, meaning the benefits of a connected lift are possible without having to install new equipment.

KONE DX connected elevators promise a new era of digitally enabled people flow that improves safety, convenience and sustainability and will be ready for whatever comes next. Our growing API ecosystem is just a taste of what solutions will be available in the future and with DX technology your building will be ready.

To talk to us about upgrading your existing KONE lift with DX technology.

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