Jump ahead of schedule with the KONE JumpLift™

Do you want to improve construction efficiency and speed, and say goodbye to the inefficiencies, costs, and safety concerns associated with exterior hoists? With KONE JumpLift™, you can do all of this by making efficient use of the elevator shaft during the construction phase.

Whether you’re looking to speed up construction schedules, avoid redundant work, or improve logistics, KONE JumpLift™ gives you a genuine advantage over traditional means of hoisting. The self-climbing construction elevator provides an upgrade to current methods, by making efficient use of the building’s permanent elevator shaft during operation.

For builders the KONE JumpLift™ speeds up the construction process considerably. It can be used to complement, or even replace entirely, external hoisting systems.

It’s faster – travel time with the JumpLift™ can deliver increased speeds up to 3.0m/s, compared to traditional external hoists that have limited capacity due to their lower speeds of approximately 0.6-1.5m/s.

With speed, there must be safety. The KONE JumpLift™ comes with KONE’s world-leading quality and safety reputation and is monitored and maintained by KONE throughout its operations on site. As a fully functioning elevator compliant with the same safety standards as the completed elevator, it also significantly improves site safety.

The KONE JumpLift™ can be used to complement or even replace exterior hoists to further assist builders on the site. This ensures improved site organisation as the façades are closed sooner for waterproofing and finishing of the interiors timely – allowing construction to not be affected by Australia’s variable weather conditions. Also, with no noise disturbance, this elevator is ideal for improving work capacity and overall productivity. For workers, there’s considerably less time spent waiting, and they no longer need to compete for space with building materials, greatly improving on-site logistics.

Steve Caratzas, Regional Director of KONE Australia, comments: “KONE JumpLift™ is a truly innovative construction solution – it accelerates the whole construction schedule. We have customers who complete their building faster and have opened earlier, enabling a faster return on their investment.”

The KONE JumpLift™ is a KONE innovation that was born in Australia but has been used in all corners of the globe. Major world-known sites that have used the KONE JumpLift™ to their advantage include The Shard, London; Marina Bay Sand, Singapore; and Australia’s own Australia108 in Melbourne. But it doesn’t have to be a major project site to use the KONE JumpLift™. The KONE JumpLift™ now enables buildings with only 8+ floors to be able to utilise and capitalise from the JumpLift™ solution.


Installing the KONE JumpLift™ has proven to be an equally seamless and simplified process. When construction has reached the floor set in the jump plan, usually between the fifth and tenth floors, the mobile machine room is installed and the elevator can begin to serve the first few floors. As the building grows higher, KONE JumpLift™ follows, with new floors being served after each jump.


The new KONE MRL JumpLift™ elevator options are efficient and work to the nature of any site. With three variations of the MRL JumpLift™ module, KONE caters for all buildings and worksites:

  • JumpLift 200™ solution is applicable for buildings with 8+ floors, with elevator installation done directly at the final height of the building.
  • JumpLift 600™ solution is optimal for 15+ floors and the installation of the elevator provides availability for partial height, to enable elevator use for the lower parts of the building. Once the building’s full height has been finalised, installation proceeds to allow accessibility and travel.
  • JumpLift 800™ solution is ideal for 20+ floors with installation of the elevator for partial travel, until upper sections are built. Once upper levels have been built, the elevator grows with the building and installation can be done in conjunction with lower elevators. In addition, once construction is completed, changing over to the permanent elevator is quick and straightforward. For the MRL JumpLift 800™, the machinery is already in place so all that needs to be done are the car and landing door materials, and installation of the permanent signalisation.
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