A trusted partner for your lifts and elevators

We offer services and support for every step of your project - from building design to construction with the support of our global resources and technological innovations. From low-rise residential to retail and transport hubs, all the way to the world’s tallest buildings, you can count on KONE to ensure smooth People Flow® in your building.

Professional planning and execution

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Get expert advice from professionals and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive support. KONE is with you every step of the way – from planning and design through installation and maintenance to modernisation– for the entire life cycle of your building.

Customisable options and designs

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Award-winning design that helps your building stand out with a collection of functional and visually appealing materials, accessories and designs, offering millions of possible combinations.

Safety and eco-efficency

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Safety is the starting point for every KONE solution. All our solutions include the latest innovations in safety technology as standard as well as excellent eco-efficiency that cuts the carbon footprint of your building

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Lift and elevator solutions

A wide range of lifts and elevators to suit your buildings and tenants

Description + segment
Machine room
Max speed
Max travel
Max load/persons
KONE MiniSpace
High-speed elevator for high-rise buildings
4.0 m/s
210 m
2000 kg/ up to 26 persons
KONE Highrise MiniSpace
High-speed elevator for high-rise buildingsYes
10.0 m/s
400 m
2000 kg/ up to 26 persons
KONE E MonoSpace
Economical elevator for residential buildings
1.75 m/s
75 m
1000 kg/ up to 13 persons
KONE N MonoSpace
Versatile elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings
1.75 m/s
75 m
1350 kg/ up to 18 persons
KONE S MonoSpace
Highly flexible elevator solution for demanding commercial buildings
No2.5 m/s
90 m
2500 kg/ up to 33 persons
KONE TranSys
Adaptable passenger and goods elevator solution for public transport, retail, hospital buildings
1.6 m/s
40 m
5000 kg/ up to 66 persons


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