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KONE Lifts and nbn Migration - How to register your building

The National Broadband Network (nbn™ network) is upgrading most existing phone networks in Australia and this may impact your building’s lift emergency telephone lines. The emergency telephone line is an integral part of your lift’s safety system and it must be operational at all times, even when there is a power failure.

Depending on the type of nbn™ network connection your building is receiving, your lift emergency phones may simply need to be reconnected to the new phone service over the nbn™ network. However, in most cases it will be necessary to install new lift emergency phone hardware that also uses a mobile network connection to support operation during a power outage.

What does migration to the nbn™ network mean for building owners/managers?

To ensure the safe migration of fire indicator panel and emergency lift phones, you should register your building with nbn. All unregistered services that are still using certain existing networks may be disconnected on their respective disconnection dates, and will stop working. In most cases, the existing copper networks will be disconnected 18 months from when the nbn™ network is made available in your area. To minimise any break in service continuity for your emergency telephone lines for lifts, KONE and nbn recommend you register your building with nbn™ now.

How to register with nbn

To register your building with nbn, visit the nbn Fire and Lift Register.

By registering your building, you are helping to minimise any break in service continuity for your emergency telephone lines. Registering your building is quick and easy but you will need to have the following information handy when you register:

  • Your role and contact details;
  • The building’s address;
  • Number of floors, lifts, fire emergency panels;
  • ATMs and connected vending machines (if applicable*);
  • The telephone numbers which relate to each of these services; and If your building is part of a body corporate or strata plan, please also have those details handy.

*This questions is asked by nbn and is referring to buildings with Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) or other phone line connected vending machines. If you do not have any of these machines, you can answer '0'.

Already connected?

If your building has already migrated to or is in the process of migrating to the nbn™ network and you have a KONE lift in the building, please contact KONE immediately (please see regional KONE contacts below) to verify the suitability of the lift emergency telephone.

Regional KONE Contacts

If you have any questions regarding KONE lifts and nbn Migration, please get in touch with one of our regional contacts:

ACT and South West NSWPhil Younger, Business Consultant
Phone +61 2 6123 2621
Newcastle and North, Central CoastMichael Ward, Business Consultant
Phone +61 2 4949 3306
SydneyMichael Sachs, Business Consultant
Phone +61 2 9577 7263
Queensland and Northern TerritoryTyson Engel, Business Consultant
Phone +61 7 3270 1823
Victoria and TasmaniaLauren Ryan, Business Consultant
Phone +61 3 9934 8048
South AustraliaJose Zelaya, Business Consultant
Phone +61 8 8130 3824
Western AustraliaAdam Hart, Business Consultant
Phone +61 8 9270 9005