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We’ve completely renewed our KONE Online portal to offer you an even better service. KONE Online gives you instant access to essential information about the equipment we maintain for you. Have a read of some of the key features of the new portal to help you make the most of KONE Online.

Key benefits


Menu bar

  • Home: Take you to the home page
  • Equipment: view all equipment, grouped by site or contract
  • Services: view all past and planned service orders, available in calendar view and list view
  • Reports: create a performance report within 5 steps, schedule the report to send straight to your mailbox on a regular basis
  • Documents: view all contracts and invoices 1-2-3 Set Up: modify your settings, create portfolio, manage your team or create new user request

Today's task

Shows the number of open work order that was reported today.


Personalised and customisable homepage

Click Edit Widget to drag hidden widget out to home page or move them to your preferred order.


Multiple portfolios

Create different portfolios to manage visibility and accessibility of different users to different buildings. Go to “1-2-3 Set Up”, click “Portfolio” tab and select “Create New Portfolio”. After that you can assign team member to the portfolio

Note: only Admin user can have access to this functionality.


Manager user access

Admin users can request access for new team member. Go to “1-2-3 Set Up”, click “Team”, select “Add New User” and fill out the form. New User Request will take a few days to process